jpeg vs raw

jpeg is compressed and is only a fraction of the file size of the uncompressed raw file

jpeg is readable by most viewer programs while raw is only viewable by a handful of programs

jpegs are already processed and not raw

jpegs are suitable for immediate printing and not raw

jpegs and raw both can be auto focus

both raw and jpeg come out good


Most of the things I put in my collage represent me as a gamer. The reason I put shoes is because I like to buy shoes every then in then. I like food especially tacos. i like the way they cook them which is very easy, i also like to play and watch soccer.

I like Nike because of the sweats and sweatshirts they make, I also like Hollister because the cloth. In soccer I go for PSG and Chivas, and I also like to workout.

Action and Motion

shutter speed: 1/60 aperture: f/2

shutter speed: 1/4 aperture: f/8

To get good at shooting motion blur one good technique is to slow down your shutter speed. Another good technique is to stabilize your camera. Another technique is to try shutter priority mode. Also use a small aperture. You can also decrease your iso.

To be good at shooting action speed, you can raise your shutter speed. You can also make sure your aperture is adjusted correctly. Another way is to turn on continuous shooting mode. Another way can be is to use the central focal point. The last thing you can use to get good is to switch to shutter priority mode.

This was about what the iso, aperture, and shutter speed can do. The aperture controls the area over which light can enter your camera, the shutter speed controls the duration of the exposure, and the iso speed controls the sensitivity of your cameras sensor to a given amount of light.